June 10


Why WIX and Other DIY Builders Are At A Disadvantage

User experience, converting users into leads or customers, or maybe just to give people the information you need… Isn’t that why you want to create a website?

There are many reasons why DIY website builders or WIX are simply not good enough. They have templates, they do everything for you, but they lack key items that you might not be aware of…


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and that is how Google and other search engines can find your site and can “crawl” or “read” the information on the site. With DIY sites like WIX, the SEO is hard to manage.

Think about all the code that is in the DIY website, crawlers cannot easily read everything that is on your site, so you most likely will end up having issues with SEO. The reason for that is because the pages are created with a visual type of editor, so this has code that is harder to read…


The average user only needs 6 seconds to decide whether or not they will wait for your website to load or not. ONLY 6 seconds. Yes, there are people who sometimes will wait up to 20 seconds, but that is not always the case…

When you’re dealing with DIY builders like WIX, the speed of the website is going to be slower than having your website on WordPress. You can actually CONTROL the speed and make things faster by optimizing things that you cannot optimize otherwise.

The speed is also one of the most important factors of your website. Not only for user experience, but also for SEO. So, it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you have a website that loads fast!!


When you deal with WIX and other DIY builders, you are sharing the server which can potentially lead to malware and makes your website more prone to hackers. This may compromise your entire website, just based on the security measures that they have in place.

Consider using security measures that protect your content and your website.

Bad User Experience

When you build a site on WIX, it is very difficult to create a site that will actually be good for the user and will have a great user experience. Things like Call To Actions, user flows, strategic placing of sidebars and widgets, are not always easy to do when it comes to WIX.

Consider taking into account a website that has great user experience because it converts, not because it necessarily looks good on a template. When you build your site, the user experience needs to be at the forefront to maximize engagement and build a relationship with your users.

Flash Based

When you look at WIX and other DIY builders, they base their website on Flash. Flash is an outdated technology that no longer serves the user, so you are using outdated technology and your user experienced will be compromised.

When you focus your website on this outdated technology it will lead to a slower website and crawlers will not be able to load the information that your website represents, therefore SEO will be compromised.

If you compare websites that use flash vs. websites that are Flash free, you will find that the newer websites will be faster and will be easier to use.

FYI – Flash should only be using when it comes to gaming and for animation purposes, so be careful with that…


How annoying is it to read that a website was created with WIX? That is the first thing you read at the top and it causes a negative feeling… Like you ask yourself, “why didn’t the owner just pay a little bit to remove that banner???”

Yes, they are annoying, it makes you look cheap, especially because nowadays there are so many ways to create a website and without spending so much money…

You Don’t OWN it!

This is one of the most important things… You don’t own your website, even if you own the domain. There is no way to migrate this website that you just created on WIX into another platform because is part of WIX.

Unlike other platforms like WordPress, you can actually take down the content, separated by folders and upload it into another server. This makes it very difficult to cancel WIX. You can’t take the content with you, so might as well get ready to copy and paste if you ever decide to leave WIX….

No Optimization

A good website is a website that you can constantly update – the SEO, the content, the landing pages, the A/B testing, everything. Unfortunately, you’re not able to truly optimize your site with any of these DIY builders like WIX. So be careful… if your goal is to have a great site that you can bring in leads, a great user experience, then you might as well say bye to WIX.

Other Factors

There are so many other factors like  design, using their templates that everyone is using and eventually getting headaches by using their tools that could not work properly because every page could load differently based on the settings. If you want to make one change to your page, you have to do it manually, which makes it very difficult to “freshen up” your site.

There are so many ways that your website can look cheap and not really optimized by using these DIY builders.


WIX is great if you want to have fun doing an art project, but do not think that you can create a successful website with WIX. It might look nice, but in the end and in the long term it will be difficult to convert users by using a WIX website.

The goal should always be

  • User experience – how is my user going to enjoy being on my site…
  • SEO – how is Google and other search engines going to find me?
  • Optimization – how can I get more results…

WIX doesn’t cover any of these, so for those reasons you should use a WordPress site… It’s not even that difficult, I promise. There are many tools that are out there that you don’t even need to hire a programmer or web developer. You can still have a nice site, without needing to hire anyone. Click here to find out how you can do this!


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