October 12


What My “Undecided Major” Taught Me

 So here we are, sitting down in one of my first college courses. - Freshman Orientation for Athletes - and we're given an assignment at the end of the first class that left us confused.

My college professor said, "Your assignment for next week is to map out your college courses for the next four years, don't be afraid to use your resources..."

WHATTTT!! Like, I don't even know what college is like, I'm an undecided major and you want me to "use my resources"... 

Ok, so this was about 10 years ago, and it might seem super basic and silly. But as a 17 year old, I didn’t know what to do. Now, looking back, this is super easy, a piece of cake! 

But, I was sooo confused. I had no idea what my professor was talking about. I didn't know what a resource was, let alone how to use one.

As the days went on, I started to get a little bit more of an idea of what my professor meant. I started to see that resources could be anything - from the internet, to books in the library, to people that I know, to actually opening up the college course book with 1000s of pages... Doesn't hurt to just open up a book! Or google what you are looking for...

I started to map out my college courses, I chose a major that I liked and just went with that! But this experience marked me for life!

When I don't know where to start,  when I don't know how to do something, or when I'm feeling overwhelmed... I always think back to that day in Freshman Orientation for Athletes and remember my college professor's words:

"USE YOUR RESOURCES!" It might seem so simple, but sometimes the simplest and easiest things are starting things, knowing in which direction to go… 

It doesn't matter what it is that you're trying to do, where you are in your life, or what you're struggling with, there are resources out there for you, all you have to do is find them and use them! That will dictate the direction and the path to follow. Especially nowadays, information is FREE!!!  So USE IT!


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