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Optimize Your Own

WordPress Website

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At the end of 6 weeks, you'll have a well organized WordPress site that converts. 
For beginners and advanced levels.
Starting from the beginning, making sure we understand your target market and planning out your site.
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What Website Strategy Is Right For You?

JOIN the Website Fast Track Course to create and optimize your website based on your Website Strategy and your specific business needs and wants

Position Your Brand

Based on your ideal "Website Strategy", show your brand effectively 

Based on Results

Design YOUR strategy based on your results and your conversion parameters

Form a Customer Journey

Take your visitors and customers on a "ride" on your website

Establish Credibility

Building relationships and showing what you have to offer in a strategic way

What Kind of Work Do We Cover?

Optimize, plan or simply make sure that your website has all the qualities and characteristics that it needs to have to have a conversion focused website. 

Whether you’re new to this online thing or you’re a pro, there are key items that you must have on your website to make sure you’re capturing your audience interest and connecting with them the right way.

We cover the following items:

  • Boosting your Call-To-Action buttons and links so the user knows where to click and what to do.
  • Placing your Call-To-Action buttons and links in strategic locations to direct the user to where you want them to go.
  • Enhancing the user's experience while visiting your site to establish trust and let them get to know you.
  • Focusing on the most important items of SEO to bring in free traffic.
  • Discovering important keywords for your market to focus for you to use effectively and bring in free traffic.
  • Finding your best Content Creation Strategy so you don't get overwhelmed and it is effective.
  • Focusing on your own Content Creation formats so that you can select what makes sense for you to educate and connect with your audience.
  • Organizing your menu pages effectively to guide the customer's journey.
  • Integrating funnels in your website strategically to take them from place to place effectively.
  • Communicating your offers clearly so that users are ready to purchase your products.
  • Changing simple items that will have a big effect on your revenue.

What Is It Like to work with Miri?

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I recently employed Miri Lenoff to create a web site for my company and I couldn't be happier .

She introduced high level technology that I could understand .

Miri is very detailed oriented and makes sure everything runs smoothly .

As a result... I've received an increase in business 

Ricardo gonzalez


We love working with Miri, she takes pride in her work and does everything that the project entails. She's helped with so many aspects of our business and we continue to give her projects to continue to grow and improve.

Video Testimonials from AMAZING People!

Rebecca Sterling-Rosengarten Testimonial

Kenia Washington Testimonial

Marissa Abbao - Testimonial

Everything is divided into phases, easy to follow content.
Here are some examples of what we will be covering in each WEEK:

Phase I - week 1

Planning Phase

In this phase, we go over topics like: 

  • Domain name best practices
  • Hosting and what type of hosting is right for you
  • Important pages
  • Number of pages needed for your situation
  • Additional features for your website
  • Copy for each page and how to plan
  • Business strategy 
  • In summary, getting all the basics done!

Phase 2 - week 2

Market Research Phase

In this phase, we go over topics like: 

  • Market Research and the importance of knowing your market
  • Translating your market's emotions to your website
  • Speaking to your market
  • Understanding common themes of your market
  • Beginning to Understand the "Customer's Journey"
  • Keyword Research
  • In summary, knowing what words to use!

Phase 3 - week 3

Designing Phase

In this phase, we go over topics like: 

  • The overall layout and design of your website
  • Coming up with a color palette
  • General pages layout
  • Specific layout pages
  • Branding colors
  • In summary, branding essentials!

Phase 4 - week 4

Pages Content

In this phase, we go over topics like: 

  • Type of pages to include in your website
  • Website Strategies based on your business
  • Copywriting 
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Laying out the foundation of your pages
  • In summary, your copy and content!

Phase 5 - week 5

Website Implementation

In this phase, we go over topics like: 

  • Dealing with tech and making everything work
  • Designing your website
  • Conversion best practices
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sidebars
  • Website Layout
  • In summary, designing your website!

Phase 6 - week 6

Website Finishing Touches

In this phase, we go over topics like: 

  • Blog posts and information based articles
  • Social Media placement
  • Sidebar information
  • Footer Information
  • Privacy Page
  • Terms and Conditions
  • In summary, finishing up your website!


Implementing Your Website Strategy

In this phase, we go over topics like: 

  • What type of strategy works for your business
  • Other types of website strategies that work for other businesses
  • Implementing your Website Strategy
  • Continuously improving your website strategy
  • Paid advertising

Bonus #1: Q & A Sessions each week

Special Question and Answer Sessions every week where we go over your most pressing questions.

- Live answers and even screen sharing to walk you through the content step by step and take you by the hand...

Bonus #2: Facebook group

A way for you to ask questions in a live and private Facebook group so that you can get your answers fast

- Will make your life easier by discovering other people's problems and solutions

- Will allow you to be part of an amazing community of people, just like you

Bonus #3: Bonus Week

Bonus Week!

- 5 Days where we talk about Different Website Strategies

-We talk about your Website Strategy and how to make sure you follow through

- Specific strategies based on your business