October 17


Using Your Metal Spoon

My hairdresser used a metal spoon when she was doing my hair… So weird, right? Well, it turns out that the spoon actually helps her to not burn her clients’ ears. It’s perfectly shaped so that the client holds on to the end of the spoon while the spoon “protects” the ear when she’s hot ironing the hair.

When I asked her about it, she said, that it had taken her a few tries to find the perfect tool… 

She started with the plastic coverings of the ear, but they fell out and didn’t work well. Then she moved on to a wooden spoon, but the wood was too thick and didn’t let her move in the right places. She then tried the plastic spoon, but it was too small. It was then time to try the metal spoon and she found her tool! She’s been using metal spoons to cover her clients’ ears for years. It’s just a natural tool that fits! 

So when I left I wondered, yeah, that’s usually the process of anything we do:

  • Learning something new? Adjust your “tool” to learn better and faster.

  • Have a business? Launch it and then make adjustments when you’re “already flying the plane”.

  • Too scared to send emails to your audience? A/B test them with different subject lines and see them come to life! 

It’s everything we do in life as we’re always evolving and changing. But you need to get started first because that’s the first step to anything. Experience, practice and evolve! 

I’d love to help you on your journey, send me a message and let’s find “your metal spoon” together!


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