July 5


Using The Right Words

What if your target market doesn’t even understand what you’re saying???


Using the right words is the first step to establish a MEANINGFUL connection.


Is it Publix? Is it Supermarket? Is it Target? 


The truth is that it DEPENDS. When we’re talking with our audience, we need to find the words that they like to use and that they associate with. 


These words might seem so simple, but that’s the difference between “getting the message” and “understanding to the soul” what you’re trying to say. 


When we genuinely get to know our audience, the words just naturally come to you and they’re easily accepted and appreciated by the target market.


How do you find the right words?


By listening and paying attention to your market and by learning their way of speaking. When you do that, they feel appreciated and they seem to lean in to what you have to say. In other words, they become super fans!


Try it! See what happens when you actually use the words that your audience wants to hear…

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