June 6


The Power of Delegating and Trusting in Your Virtual Assistant

I want to give a huge shout-out to my VA! She does a lot of administrative work and keeps me accountable in so many ways! 

If I can give advice to someone when you’re hiring people, look at how they follow directions and pay attention to how responsible they are! 

My VA is always on time, reports what she’s working on, and allows me to free my time into doing something else. 

It’s all about:

  • Trust

  • Responsibility

  • Follow-through 

  • Consistency

If you want to grow and scale, hire people that allow you to do the things that you absolutely need to do. There are so many administrative tasks that someone else can take over for you. 

It’s so hard to find good people. I went through 3 VAs before I found her and I’m SO GLAD I DID! 

Multiply your time in the only way you can - with tools and people who can do the service for you. You’ll see a huge increase in time and revenue! 


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