October 11


The One Thing That Makes A HUGE Difference In My Day

I'm a different person sometimes. It all depends on one thing, just one little thing that makes a huge difference in my day…

It’s crazy, but it’s all about my morning routine…

It’s all about waking up early and actually practicing my morning routine.

Sometimes, I have to force myself out of bed so that I can start my day.  And if I have late nights on certain days, then it takes a great deal of power to get out of bed because I love sleeping. 

But there’s something that I've learned about my morning routine and how it made me more productive, more knowledgeable about marketing and copywriting, and it has allowed me to have a better mood altogether.

So my morning routine consists of the following: 

✅ Pray - Because being thankful for what we have is so important and also praying for the sick.

✅ Read 10 minutes - That’s it! Not a lot, but that has allowed me to create time to read and become more knowledgeable about my field.

✅ Think / Meditate - Depends on the mood, sometimes I like to get lost in space and focus on breathing and sometimes I like to just stare at the wall and think.

✅ Journal - Write down a few things that I’m grateful for, wins that I had in the previous day, goals for today, and tasks for today.

 ✅ Work - I get 1 hour to start working and get ahead of my day. It makes a huge difference in how much I get done in a day. 

Once a week I go to OrangeTheory in the morning, so that’s also fun and I totally love it!

Do you guys like to wake up early? What are your morning routine secrets?


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