October 19


The Invisible Person

Acknowledging the “invisible” people will change your day drastically! 

What do I mean by “invisible”, this is not a Halloween post or a ghost story…. This is about looking for people that nobody sees, that nobody talks to, and changing your day, but also changing theirs. 

Unfortunately, in our society, they are the janitors, the secretaries, the guards, the people that nobody sees because we’re so busy in our own minds that we forget that people are people. We forget that even a “Good Morning” will make a huge difference in someone’s life! 

Check this out: Talking about invisible people, the story will blow your mind!

A few weeks ago, when my aunt was getting her visa renewed, she blocked off the entire day because she knew that it takes hours of lines to get those things done. Nobody likes it, but you just do it, because well, you NEED to do it… Especially, after life goes back to normal and places open up, it’s hard to get appointments for government documents and the lines are just so long. You need to get to the embassy at 5:00 am and it’s a whole day ordeal….

As she was in line, during the morning time, she noticed someone cleaning the floor, aka, an “invisible” person. My aunt started talking to her and just acknowledged that she was there. While everyone else had passed the cleaning lady, nobody had said a word to her! NOBODY! 

The consul saw my aunt speaking with the cleaning lady. Because of that, my aunt skipped the line, and the consul called her up. The consul was so thankful that someone acknowledged the “invisible” person. The consul knew the type of person that my aunt was because even though she was dreading the lines, my aunt was still mindful of the “invisible person”. 

Just one small act of kindness rewards not just you, but everyone around you! Do something positive today for the “invisible” person! You’ll be amazed at how it changes you and those around you!


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