As a copywriter, being in the right state of mind is so important to having quality work… It’s a bit hard to explain, but there’s something about how our minds work when we’re in a stressful situation vs. being in a positive and thriving environment. 

Maybe this is related to other services and other jobs? Probably… 

Since I’m a copywriter, I can only speak about my experience, so feel free to share if that also applies to you! 

I’ve found that there’s nothing more frustrating than writing for a client who doesn’t understand that creativity is all about finding the right combination of words or expressions. It’s about finding the words that will resonate with the audience and will connect with what you’re selling. It’s about creating headlines that will capture the attention of our audience. It’s much more than “just writing and seeing what sticks”… 

But there’s something so important about all this! 

The key here is being supportive and having clear directions to be able to write good copy. If we understand the outcome, we’re able to craft the “bridge” or the right message that will get people to act. 

And all of this is possible only if we have an environment of positivity and an environment where we’re able to be creative. 

They say that the act of copy is not done when one is in front of the computer, but in the moments of time when one is unconsciously already drafting the copy in our mind without even knowing it. It’s about those moments when we think we’re not doing anything, we’re just letting our mind think freely about nothing. 

And how do we get there? By having a positive and thriving environment with our clients.

So next time, think twice about how you show up in front of your service providers or clients as everything you say and how you portray yourself has a direct impact on your business, your image, and on the types of outcomes that we’re expecting… 

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