October 20


The Fear Of The Entrepreneur

You know the feeling that you get when your stomach crumbles, your hands are sweaty, or you’re just simply not sure about something??? Well, we all feel some kind of fear when it comes to our business. 

It’s something that never goes away, something that you just need to adapt and embrace, but something that is there to remind us that we’re human beings. The little (or sometimes) big emotion is normal and to think that “once I get better at this, this will go away”, is just false. 

Even entrepreneurs like Ryan Moran who has made millions of dollars online still feels it at times. So, why do we pretend is not there? Why do we think that we’re the only ones feeling this way?

It shows up in so many ways:

  • Imposter syndrome thinking about how you’re not “good enough” - whoever knows what “good enough” means?

  • The idea of perfection when something just needs to get done and you just keep on making it perfect - what is your definition of perfection, anyways?

  • Chasing the “shiny object syndrome” because if this worked for XYZ, then it MUST work for ME! - are your skills, environments, and realities the same? So, then stop and take it as a learning experience, but don’t expect magical results. You might as well continue on your FOCUSED path! 

  • What are people going to think about me? - Nothing, they actually don’t care, only YOU care. They already forgot that you didn’t send the email or didn’t do the video, so relax!

  • Am I a failure? Ok, so your success and failure as a person are NOT defined by how much money you make. It’s defined by whatever you want to be defined by… I like being defined as a good person, so relax, you didn’t fail. We’re just going through experiences. And, why do we need to be “defined”, anyways? Just live your life, we only get ONE shot at it and it doesn’t have to be correlated with your business. You are not your business!

Of course, there are others, but you get the point… I feel like I’m reading the book of emotions to my 5-year-old son while writing this, because emotions, especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur, are NORMAL. But we need to embrace and accept them, don’t dwell on them! 

If you want to get over these feelings, just ACT! Action is the best way to get over whatever you’re feeling. Even a small act in a positive direction can change the direction of what you’re going through! You got this!

I hope this made you feel just a little bit better! If you need help with your online business, let me know… I might be able to help with the marketing piece! 


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