October 18


The Day Where Running and Business Meet

Making decisions in business relates so much to the day (or days) when we were leaving the house frantically. More of that in a second, let me tell you about my day first…

We rushed out of the house, we were running late… I dropped off the kids at school and they were on time, thankfully!!! You know those kinds of days that everything goes wrong, and you’re just like “I’M DONE!”

Usually, I like to exercise right after drop-off on certain days, but on this specific day, the situation wasn’t the best one for running. I wasn’t wearing my “best running shoes”, and I didn’t have my cell phone case, but if I went home then I wouldn’t have had the time to run. So I had two options:

  1. Go home and get my “perfect attire”, find my cell phone case, and eventually see if I would be able to find the time run. (Probably not!)

  2. Go with the flow and just run with my running shoes, even if they are not the best shoes. They’re still running shoes, btw, it’s not like I was putting myself at risk here. Hold my cell phone in my hand and just run as best as possible. 

I choose option #2 and it wasn’t the best run ever, but it got done.

Now let’s reverse this and read it again when it comes to things that have to do with business…

Having an off kind of day and not being able to get things done in the way that I wanted to. So you either find excuses to not get things done because the stars are not aligned and you don’t do whatever needs to get done to reach your goals… OR you just get things done because DONE is better than PERFECT! 

And let me tell you, in both instances that run is probably going to do way more to my fitness and my mind than any other “normal” run… The days when things don’t go as expected or as planned, are the days where you grow the most! 

My running coach said, “Remember, the only bad workout is the one that did not happen. In every workout, you gain something that you did not have”. Same in business. It’s all ups and downs, it’s all about getting up and deciding that you’re going to get it done (even if the finish line is miles away). 

So go for it! Even if things are not perfect, you’ll feel so rewarded! And if you’re stuck, message me and I’ll be happy to help with all things related to marketing!


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