January 3


The Back Bay and Pre-Selling

When I went to Boston a few months ago, I was visiting the Back Bay area. It happened to be an area where in the 1880s and 1890s, it was supposed to be a nice area to live in. Because of the demand, they started to pre-sell the lots before they were even built!

Does this ring a bell? You don’t have to have your program or offer built, you don’t even need to have your course created. All you need is to generate enough demand for what’s coming, enough demand for the possibility of what could be… 

People buy from an emotional state, not from a logical state. So, when you say that you’re stuck because you don’t have something created, just know that you don’t have to have something perfect already done. Just have a clear understanding of the result needs to be and work backward.

It’s about the transformation of what your clients or customers will experience when they buy your products and services. 

There are thousands of examples of when you pay something up-front and you get the product or service after the payment. Sometimes we think that something like this could not work for our business, but we’re so far from the truth. If you need help generating cash, why don’t you first see if there is demand for what you’re trying to sell and pre-sell it. 

What’s the worst that could happen? You don’t sell anything? You just saved time and money by validating that fact. Listen to your audience and adjust!

What’s the best that could happen? You sell your products or services! 

It’s a win-win! 


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