May 25



Who wants a free template? Uhmm… NO, THANK YOU!

One of my mentors doesn’t give us templates for email marketing and it’s SO FRUSTRATING! But it’s the MOST LIBERATING!

This is why:

Look, templates are great, but it’s not the best way to learn or practice a skill.
Learning the principles behind the template forces me to think for myself and ask the right questions about what needs to get done.

I’ve been able to hone my skills in being agile, coming up with solutions on the spot, and learning from people who have experienced more than I have. This has helped me become better at navigating through change and understanding what works when it comes to email marketing.

It’s better to learn how to read the numbers, come up with solutions, and even make mistakes than to just copy and paste from a template.

The truth is that marketing is about knowing the basics and testing theories that will work for a particular business. Sure, there are best practices, and sure, there are ways to convert audiences. But really, marketing is the best field because you don’t need math to know that 2+2 = 4. You need creativity to find a way to find the right number.

So, yes, templates can be a great way to find shortcuts, but in reality, I rather the long way and create my own shortcuts along the way…

Sorry if I burst your bubble. Templates are not always great and we should always tweak and improve our own processes because we’re all different and our experiences and clients are different.

It can be a great starting point, but always make it your own! You owe it to yourself to think for yourself!

Do you agree? Why or why not?


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