October 24


Starting Something And How The Hardest Thing Is Just Doing It. Taking The First And Easiest Step

The hardest part of anything is taking the first step.  Whether that means turning on your computer,  visiting a website,  or just typing your name on a piece of paper, the hardest part is taking the step.

In normal life, it translates to putting on your clothes to go to the gym. When you have your clothes on, you're not asking yourself to push yourself to the limit and run 10 miles, you’re just doing the simplest task possible. 

It's just one little task that doesn't involve something huge to know that you're on your way to doing something important.

 So how does this translate to business or life in general?  Well, if you want to have a launch just come up with a date,  write your ideas on a Google doc, or do something so simple that it doesn't require you to even think…

For example for me, when I have to come up with email sequences and I am procrastinating, All I do is open up a Google Doc and start writing the word “email”, then I write the word “goals”, and start to lay out exactly how many emails I'm planning to write. I'm not even talking about the content yet.  It all starts with one simple step, one little action that I can take in order to get to my goal. For me, it’s coming up with an outline. 

You don’t have to take huge steps to get closer to your goal. Starts with just ONE thing and ACTION will take care of the rest! 


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