October 26


Running Is Not Just About Running

I never expected to feel so welcomed! I just thought I was going to learn something new…

The truth is that since I got COVID, I had to fight my a$$ off to get back into shape. It was on the July 4th 5K race when I ran a 5K in 32 minutes! I’m not saying that 32 minutes is not a good time, but for someone like me, that was alarming. For someone who takes exercise very seriously, someone who is always active, and someone who is used to running 25 - 26 min 5Ks in late May, adding an extra 8-9 minutes to my time meant that something was going on… 

Especially, because I felt exhausted and looked terrible… Like, I was STRUGGLING! 

So, I decided to join a running club. I didn’t know what to expect, but the support and openness of the group have made me realize so much about being part of a community!

So many lessons and so much that I gain from this community and experience that apply to so many aspects of life. It’s about the VALUE of a community!

  • You’re able to make faster and better progress than if you were doing this alone!
  • You’re able to make this process fun! It’s not about only you, it’s about the group.
  • The motivation you get by running with someone else (or participating) with someone else, is unmatched.
  • You go beyond personal limits that you didn’t think were possible… (my recent best time is 23:45 for a 5K and I’ve ran 8 miles in one day multiple times - never did I think I was going to do that). That is almost 10 min faster than 4 months ago!! 
  • You make relationships that push you to be better.
  • You gain new friendships.
  • You learn so much about the particular topic - in this case, running - something that I could always do, but never took seriously.
  • Allows you to appreciate where you were before and how far you’ve come.
  • Allows you to set bigger and better goals for yourself.
  • Allows you to learn from an expert, someone who does this all day and night, someone who’s been where you are right now, or someone who has deeper knowledge and experience for what you’re trying to do. 

This experience will always be remembered as one with so many lessons. Running days with the club are the days when I focus on myself. It’s moments like these that make me better in every aspect of my life. 

So yeah, if you ever get a chance to do something new, with a community of people, look beyond! You’ll be surprised at how welcomed you’ll feel and how not only you’ll learn something new, but how much you’ll gain from the experience!


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