June 21


Pick a Group

You CANNOT serve everyone! Your target audience is NOT the whole world, at least not in every marketing material you come up with… 

Because when you pick a sub-set of your target audience, you’re able to relate more to them and able to talk in their language…

Let me explain…

I was struggling to come up with a headline that really resonated and spoke to my target market at the right level of awareness. It’s a weekly exercise I do with my copywriting coach.

I pick a product and I write headlines for that product. But I always pick a group of the target audience. 

For example, a reading program for kids can be targeted to many different types of people – parents who have kids with special needs, parents who want to teach their 2 and 3-year-olds how to read, parents who have kids in Kindergarten and are falling behind, teachers who need additional resources, etc.

But we can’t talk to all on the same level… They have different needs and ways of getting their attention. Not everyone will react the same way. 

So, the next time you look at your marketing strategy, make sure you talk to a subset of your target audience. It will help so much to clarify your message and connect more with your audience. 


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