June 14


Navigating Email Marketing KPIs and Translating Data into Success

I hate numbers! But they’re so important when it comes to understanding how something is working or not working in email marketing. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are there to guide us and give us the path that we need to make the right decisions. 

I love my clients and they know their business so well, but sometimes, when it comes to opinions vs. facts, is good to point them in the right direction based on data, and they appreciate that! 

It’s also great to show them how the Email Service Provider (ESP) gives us some data, but sometimes we have to crunch our own numbers to truly understand how we’re performing.

I’m talking about Click-Through-Rates (CTRs) of people who opened up the email vs. CTRs in general. → Thanks to my copywriting mentor who pointed this out to me! Or open rates since the Apple Privacy update… We don’t always have reliable data, so we need to understand how to interpret it…

We’re so used to reading numbers from our ESPs, that sometimes we forget that it’s not just about reading them, but also about comparing them, finding similarities and differences from other emails, and understanding what resonates more with our audience. 

It’s like looking at our lives and living every day like a new day, but not really looking at how we’ve evolved - I know we’re so guilty of this. We’re always busy, we don’t really pay attention to the little things or to seeing our growth. Right?

KPIs in email marketing are the indicator to know if something is resonating with our audience. But it also reminds me how we need to have KPIs in our lives! 

Do you think about this at all? What would be the KPIs of your life?


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