June 23


Managing Clients

How do you manage client work and still find time to work on your own business? As someone who juggles eight clients while running my own business, working 25 hours a week, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to balance multiple responsibilities.

But there's a productivity secret that has helped me stay on top of things: focusing on one task at a time. This is why:

  • ATTENTION: By dedicating myself to completing one task at a time, I can give each task the attention it deserves and ensure that it's done efficiently and effectively. 

  • MANAGEABLE TASKS: This approach not only helps me manage my workload but also allows me to break down larger projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. 

  • AVOID OVERWHELM: I focus on one task at a time, so I avoid overwhelming myself with the other thousands of things I need to complete.

  • PRIORITIZE: I prioritize too! I make sure to prioritize my clients' work based on deadlines and urgency while still setting aside time to work on my own business.

Doing this has helped me so much and I can make consistent progress toward my goals and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

While it may seem challenging to manage multiple responsibilities, remember that by focusing on one task at a time and prioritizing your workload, you can achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. 

So, whether you're managing client work, running your own business, or both, give each task the attention it deserves, prioritize your workload, and watch your productivity soar.


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