October 21


Learning And Implementing

As I sit in my son’s piano class, I probably understand the notes much better than him. He’s distracted, he’s tired, but he’s learning, right? 

Now, if you ask me to PLAY the piano, that’s where we’ll have some trouble… I haven’t practiced, so the notes will sound atrocious, I wouldn’t know how to move my fingers, or how to read the music and play at the same time. 

Practice, practice, practice, that’s the only way to get better. Even if you’re scared that it won’t work out, even if you think that you’re not good enough. 

Talent is nothing without practice. So, it got me thinking… Just like me with piano, there are so many people in the online business world that are learning and going from course to course. 

They’ve just finished a 3,845 module course. They took the best notes anyone can ever take, they could have written a whole book about it! They listened to all the content and watched the Q&As. But there’s a problem… They only LEARNED, they didn’t IMPLEMENT… 

And they’re the lucky ones! Not everyone takes advantage of the course they just paid for. Some never finish it…

Learning is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but implementing is taking learning to the next level!

Online courses are amazing, but if they’re used for the right reasons. And the implementation part of learning is overlooked in so many ways because we either don’t find the time, feel scared, or there’s something inside of us that holds us back. 

I’m here to tell you that life itself is practice! So don’t be afraid to take the leap with anything you do! 

And if you’re a business owner struggling and going from course to course, with no end in sight, I’d love to help! Send me a DM and let’s talk. I’ll help understand your business and offer marketing suggestions. Let’s implement it together! 


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