October 10


How To Show Gratitude With Email Marketing?

Can you really feel the feelings of gratitude through your actions? What about emails? 

Look, when you are grateful, you open yourself up to giving back. You become more compassionate and understanding of the challenges others face. You see the good in people and situations instead of the negative. Gratitude creates a ripple effect of positivity that touches not just you, but also the people around you.

So how does this relate to email marketing or digital marketing? 

Well, marketing is all about relationships. It's about building trust and connection with your audience. And one of the best ways to do that is by being grateful for their attention and engagement. 

To create CONNECTIONS and to build that trust so they see you as a human being and not as just someone who wants to sell something, especially when it comes to service-based businesses. 

Here are a few ways to show gratitude when it comes to digital marketing and service-based businesses:

✅ Create 10 days of gratitude challenge where you thank your subscribers for reading and offering a discounted offer, a free item, or something of value. 

✅ Include a handwritten thank-you note when someone buys a product or service.

✅ Thank them for their feedback, positive or negative.

✅ Feature customer stories on your blog or social media pages. 

✅ Make a donation on behalf of your subscribers to a charity or cause that they care about.

Most importantly, be you, be thankful, and be "of service" because true authenticity will show up when you're grateful!


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