August 23


How To Make Sure That Clients/Students Feel Appreciated

Do this in order to get your clients to love you even more! Because you can be amazing at what you do, but doing these simple gestures will even get you to raise the bar on your services…

When you have a client/customer relationship there are expectations – you provide a product or service and they pay, but what are some things that you can do to get them to love you even more, especially if we’re talking about service-based businesses like coaches, consultants, experts, etc… 

This is how you overdeliver without charging more…

✅ Show up – get to meetings/calls early. I can’t tell you how important it is to get to meetings early. When you play sports, they say, “If you’re early, you’re on-time, if you’re on-time, you’re late”. Take that and show up early, just a few minutes and it will prove to your clients, students, or whoever you serve that you’re responsible and always reliable. 

✅ Meet deadlines - deliver the content early. If you promised to send an email by a certain date, deliver it earlier. If you promised to send the report in two days, deliver it in one day… A quick tip is to settle down the expectations early. Let the client know that you’ll deliver something in a week, but you know that it can be done in just a few days, so you’ll surprise the client in a great way!

✅ Deliver - What problem are you solving? Make sure that you deliver on your promise so that the clients want to keep on working with you. Not only that, be a resource. Perfect example is if you’re good at email marketing, there are high chances that you can help with other digital marketing needs, so use that to your advantage. I’m a perfect example of this and I’ve seen this play out so many times!. When people like to work with you, they’ll look for you to solve other similar problems.

✅Document important conversations - If you agreed to take on additional projects or additional sessions, send an email and document that conversation. This will SAVE you from potential disagreements that can arise in the future and will continue to keep a happy relationship.

✅ Be thankful - Your clients / students are the lifeblood of your business. Always remember to be thankful and make them feel the gratitude. It will go a long way!

What else can you add to the list? I’d love to know what you think and if you’d like to add something. Let me know! 🙂


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