June 7


How To Hire the Right People to Multiply Your Business

Email marketing is something that I love to do and I wouldn’t outsource it. After all, people pay me to write emails. But just like anyone, I can’t do everything myself. 

I need help! The fastest way to grow is to multiply yourself in as many ways as you can… That includes using the right tools, but also hiring the right people.

I’ve gone through so many VAs and video editors. Even after my last experience, I now change the way I hire people. 

I need to have a trial period with that person: I take on some projects that are a first step with some clients. It’s like a trial period.. These are opportunities to find a way if there’s a  good fit. I do the same with people I want to hire. I like to make sure that the person understands my work and how I do it before moving forward. 

Soft Skills: I also like to see how they communicate. I’ve found that soft skills like communication, meeting deadlines, and being on time are some of the most important skills you can develop. Those skills show that you care and that you’re a team player. Being there means so much to the business owner! 

Testing them: Having testimonials is important, but testing them on their craft is even more important! Even if it’s a 10-15 minute project, knowing that they can do the job is the best security I could ask for… Even newbies are great! As long as you can do the job, I don’t mind how many people you’ve worked it!

Hiring people has taught me so much! Working on my skill as a copywriter is not enough to grow, there are so many other parts that go into this, and the faster you learn them, the better it is!


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