July 4


How I Got Started

Do you know why I got started doing email marketing? I had a friend who has a small brick-and-mortar business. She said, “I can’t even change the phone number on my website”... 

I froze! I had done some websites before and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. If you can’t change the phone number of your website, then how are people going to find you?

And she was stuck! I said that I would build her new website, but when I was done and she was happy, I realized that websites are important, but it’s not going to take care of her clients. 

And that’s why, after talking to my mentor a few years ago, I decided to solely dedicate myself to email marketing… 

That doesn’t mean that I stopped building websites or stopped creating quizzes or doing Facebook ads, I can still do all of these things, but I see email marketing as the ONE THING that every business needs… 

  • You don’t have a website? We can still be successful with email marketing. You only need an opt-in form and those are free! 

  • You don’t have money to spend on ads? We can still be successful by emailing current and past clients and even growing your list organically!

  • You’re too busy with your own business and don’t have time to write? Email marketing takes less time than writing a blog, creating videos, or doing any other marketing work. 

And it works! 

So yes, I lead with email marketing because something that seems so simple can have one of the greatest benefits to your business. I truly believe and have seen the effects of that with my clients. 

Do you practice email marketing? Yes? No? Tell me why, I’d love for you to change my mind! 


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