June 26


How Did I get Here… Let’s Get Personal

I’d like to share something very personal to my blog friends. I usually keep things quiet, not sure why… I guess it’s just me... LoL!

You see, there are opportunities everywhere we look, sometimes we need to look a little deeper…  There are times when we might not see the answer when the answer is right in front of us…

I shared a little bit ago how I was struggling to find my passion, to know what I was good at, to know what I was called to do…

When I was young, people would ask, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” As in what job or career will I fit in?

I would always answer, “Something that is NOT science related (or math related)”. I didn’t have the opportunity to really find that part of me that says, “YES, this is it!”

So I did so many things after college, including traveling to volunteer, working in education, working in nonprofits, and I was always doing things on the side and I would always look for “opportunities”.

I think there are so many of us who struggle with this problem, so many of us who need to find THE THING.

When you never really LOVED doing anything in particular, it gets really hard. For me, I was always doing my best at everything…

I naturally found a way to figure things out, but it wasn’t because I necessarily LOVED doing it. I loved the people, the environment, my supervisors, the co-workers… And I found a way to get better at my job and learn as fast as possible.

Until recently…

You see, I had always been involved in some way in marketing and it was right in front of my face. I just didn’t see it.

I had done countless websites for other people, advised business leaders on things to change that made sense for maximum productivity… I even implemented a new system at my Department at a non-profit to improve our productivity and eliminate human mistakes…

I had also helped people through life coaching, without really knowing it, so I was already doing the things that I loved, without even knowing this…

Sounds crazy, but things were in front of my face…

So, when I realized that everything I had done related in some ways to digital marketing, I stuck with it and it has been an amazing experience. I found what I really LOVE to do.

This past week, I’ve had the opportunity to see first hand how to launch a program. It has been incredible!

If you’re in my marketing world, you see all of the “gurus” talk about growing your list, building a business, etc. But when you see it first hand in a launch, you see it behind the scenes, you’re like WHOAA!! This is awesome… Especially because it is someone who I know can deliver results…

And this guy, is my mentor, someone who I’ve been following for a while, as one of his students, I already knew that every time he says something, you need to pay attention, you need to grab pen and paper and take some notes…

But when you actually follow a launch, when you read the comments in the Facebook group, that is when things get a lot more real…

As far as for me, I’ve talked so much about quizzes, sent countless emails, been going live in Facebook groups, I’ve showed the amazing power that they have in building lists, but NOTHING compares to listening and understanding concepts from Ryan Levesque.

If you have a business and you need help, or if you need to scale it to the next level, this is THE GUY you need to follow.

Lucky for you, he has a program right now. A program about quizzes – how to create them, plan for them, show you what to look for, why they’re important and frankly what are quizzes… Let’s just say that quizzes is the next best thing that business leaders need to be paying attention to, especially in this environment to increase leads and increase sales…

Ryan is going to cover EVERYTHING in this new program…

Here’s what ELSE you get access to in the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass...

  • 6 Weeks of Training Lessons from Ryan
  • LIVE Q&A Calls
  • Step-by-Step Checklists & Templates
  • Examples! Ultimate Quiz Swipe File
  • Private FB Support Group
  • LIFETIME Access to the Training

AND the following FREE BONUSES!

  • Bonus #1: QUIZ SOFTWARE ($4,500 Value) - Access to a new software that helps you convert more leads and more customers by using this software
  • Bonus #2: QUIZ TRAFFIC ($2,500 Value) - How to build traffic? Includes how to drive traffic from Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn. Special trainings on ALL OF THOSE PLATFORMS!
  • Bonus #3: BIZ IN A BOX ($3,500 Value) - in case you need help deciding what market to choose and how to start building your list

PLUS: "We Build Your QUIZ" SUPER BONUS! ($10,000 Value)
In total, you get access to over $25,500 in value…

Not only that. Because I’m referring you, I’m also including these bonuses:

AND! When you sign up with me, I'll also throw in a couple of other BONUSES!

EXTRA BONUS #1: For the first 10 people who sign up...
FREE Website Review - A review of a website in a PDF Document + a strategy call. OR - FREE Website Strategy Call (for beginners) + PDF with Actionable Steps ($4,000 Value)

If you don't have a website, we go over the best strategy to build your website and house your content. You get a PDF Document to get you started and a strategy call to talk about the best practices that you need to include. But if you have a website already, we do a full review of your website...

In both cases, we go over things like:

  • How can we improve your online visibility?
  • How to improve your CTAs?
  • Where to place your CTAs?
  • How to improve your user's experience?
  • How to improve your SEO?
  • What keywords should you focus on?
  • What is your content creation?
  • What content creation to focus on?
  • What is your website speed?
  • How are your menu pages situated?
  • How to integrate quizzes in your website?

And more!
EXTRA BONUS #2: Design of 5 social media images for you to post.
($200 Value) As in... I'll do the images for you...
You just tell me what social media channel you want, your topic and we create the images that you need to drive people to your quiz.

>>> EXTRA BONUS #3: Strategy call for your business ($500 Value). As in... Let's talk strategy for you and the best way to get you more leads and more customers, what to focus on from this point forward.

So yes, I’ve been super involved and I’m super excited about what the future holds. This opportunity is gold! I’m so excited and even though it is tough right now, kids are at home, I know that some of my friends need this.

So here you go… This is YOUR opportunity. Click here and let’s get you started :)



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