January 11


Hired The Most Expensive Person

I hired the most expensive service provider and for me, that was worth it! I didn’t just hire anyone, it was the right person for the job. 

Why did I do that? 

  • This candidate was the one who was communicating about the results, not about what was included in the package. I care about the results… 

  • He was communicating with timelines about what to expect. 

  • Not only that, he assured me with reports about what was happening with the job. 

So yes, I hired the most expensive option, but he was also the most qualified, most experienced, and a better fit for what I needed. 

So many times we are faced with prices for products or services, but we forget that it’s not just about the price. It’s about who is the better fit for the job, who will perform the job in a shorter amount of time, and the most efficient. 

When you’re faced with the opportunity to hire someone who knows what they’re doing vs. hiring someone who is promising deliverables, but not results, then hire the ones who can actually get the job done. 

You’ll spend more time and money managing the ones who are just simply not worth it! 

Note: Nothing against newbies, even newbies can get experience by working on a “practice business” or on a personal business. This is about knowing how to communicate and delivering on the promise… 

Who would you pick?


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