January 9


Having fun

Is everything in life about having fun? Or is everything in life about being worth it? I guess we should say MOST things in life since having fun ALL the time is pretty hard to do… But what should we base our activities on? Is it based on being worth it? Based on having fun? 

There’s a story about a fisherman who loved to fish, but he didn’t have much money. Someone approached him and described how he can turn his fishery into a global business, fish being shipped all over the world, work hard for a few years, and then retire and you can fish all for yourself… The fisherman asked, but why do I need to do all of that when right now I can just fish for me and my wife… That’s not worth it! I’m happy doing what I’m doing now.

In other words, he would rather skip all of the “work” because money is not important to him, but he knew that he loved to fish, and for him, that was the main indicator of success. That was worth it!

So, even though our life experiences are not always fun, are they worth it in some way or another? When we teach our kids about sports and having fun, it starts as a game, and for some, when they reach the professional level, it changes into a chore. That’s why many teens stop playing sports because it losses the significance, it losses the “worth”... 

So what happens with our job? For those of us with our own businesses or even if you work for someone else? Is it worth it? Is it fun? Is it both? Can we find the sweet spot of enjoying what we do? 

What I’m getting at is that it’s not always pretty, but if you see the results, reasons and why you do things, it’s worth it! Next time you sit down to start your job and you’re just not feeling it, just think about what this is all worth to you… Maybe you’ll find that even though it’s not “fun”, it might be worthwhile and you’re doing it because you chose this… 


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