August 9


Having A Mind Of Abundance

Do you get excited when you see your competitor? Or do you cringe and maybe even experience negative feelings of jealousy or even fear?


When I speak with potential clients about their competitors, their face completely changes, and the tone of the conversation changes.


It happens too often… Your competitor doesn’t have to be your enemy. In fact, make your competitor your friend. You’re not going to steal business from one another, on the contrary… You’ll be better together. You can exchange experiences, tips, and even stories with one another…


When you know the universe is abundant, you open up yourself to possibilities to learn from others who are doing the same things that you’re already doing.


You can both live in the same world and be successful. In fact, we can all be successful because we attract different people to our business. There are energies all around us and chemistry when you attract your customers dictates who buys from you.


So, having a mind of abundance is the biggest indicator of opportunity and being open to endless opportunities that might come your way if you’re truly exposed to accepting and receiving them.


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