June 27


Growing Your List

Having trouble starting your email list? This is the EASIEST and PAINLESS way that service providers can start their list, even if you have NO EXPERIENCE or if you’re busy with client work all the time…  

The problem is that people think that they don’t have a list, but the truth is that everyone can start with a rough list when you take into account people who you’ve been in touch with or who you’ve been working with… 

All you have to do is reach out and ask. Literally, don’t be scared, pick up the phone or send a personal email to people! It’s that simple!

Want to see how easy it is to get started? Even if you’re starting something new from scratch, you can do this… If you were NOT born yesterday, then this is a simple hack to start building your email list.

I’m talking about gathering contact information from people who you know! Not just your parents or family members, but people who fall into the following categories:

  • Co-workers from any jobs you’ve had in the past

  • People who attended a class with you in college

  • Anyone who’s asked for advice in the past

  • Friends and acquaintances from your personal life.

  • Members of clubs or organizations you belong to, such as a sports team, hobby group, or professional association.

  • Customers or clients from previous jobs or businesses you've worked with. And if you don’t have anything, then just post that you’re looking to make connections with people on a Facebook Group, and start making friends.

  • People you've met at networking events or conferences.

  • Social media followers or connections on LinkedIn or other professional networks - All you have to do is create a post saying that you’re building your list and if they would like to get awesome content from you. 

  • Family members of your spouse or significant other.

  • Neighbors or residents in your local community.

  • Alumni from your high school or university.

  • People you've done business with in the past, such as vendors or suppliers.

And if none of these make sense to you, or you don’t have anyone, start networking with other people. Join organizations or local chambers of commerce events. There are literally thousands of events per day online and in person! There are also thousands of events happening in your niche throughout the year and you can meet amazing people!

The key is making connections and finding out what will work for you. You don’t have to post every single day to get clients, you don’t have to join coaching programs that look good, and you don’t have to do what doesn’t seem right to you.

Find YOUR path! The most successful people are the ones who jump to doing things scared. Stop scrolling on social media and start listing people who can start your list. You’ll be surprised to find out how much people want to help and how many referrals you’ll get from one simple ask. 

Can you do that? You’ll easily get to 100 or more subscribers in a single week… You got this!


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