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Email Marketing is Obsolete, Millennials don’t check their Emails

Virtually all millennials have at least one email address if not more! They check their personal, work, and school email (or a variation of emails) multiple times a day.

They even go to the bathroom with their phone and check emails morning, afternoon, and at night. 

So, when people tell me that email marketing is obsolete and that millennials don’t check their email, I ask them, when was the last time you checked your email… The answer is always TODAY or a FEW HOURS AGO! And millennials are no different!

And yes, social media is also a huge way to grow your audience and your business, but email is a little more personalized and more direct. I’m not saying that either one is better than the other, they work TOGETHER, but when you say that email marketing is obsolete, think about the thousands of emails you checked in the last week!

Besides, there are so many benefits of email marketing:

  • Customization: You can customize the message for every person (or segmented audience).

  • Reliability: You own the information, so if a social media channel decides to cancel your social media account, then you have the emails of your audience. You don’t depend on an outside force. 

  • Direct: It’s more direct, so people are more likely to resonate with the message. That means that they don’t have to rely on an algorithm to see your content, it will be in their inbox no matter what. 

  • Create loops: Allows you to trigger loops based on customer behavior that all rely on emails. For example, if someone clicks on your email link, you can trigger a new flow.

  • Never ends: Emails never end because they can always be triggered by the user’s behavior in creating loops or by continuing to reach out to them. 

  • Encourages two-way communication: When it comes to emails, you’re encouraging people to reply to you and they know that it’s a more private conversation than if they post a comment on social media. 

  • ROI: You get the highest ROI than if you were using any other medium because the offers are more direct.

So, the key is finding a way to find a balance between all of the mediums we have available. It used to be radio, TV, newspapers… Now anyone can use social media, emails, and blogs to grow their business with practically no money, the key is not finding out which method is better 

or worse, but finding a way to work with the strengths of each medium to get the desired results! 

So, tell me in the comments do you use email marketing in your business? I’d love to know!


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