June 9


Doing an Effective E-mail Marketing Campaign and What Does that Mean

Having an effective email marketing campaign can take many forms because the truth is that it depends on what or why we’re writing. 

If you’re writing a nurturing email because you want your audience to be nurtured before a promo or an offer, then the indicators for success will be different than if you were writing an email because you want to send a newsletter or other types of emails.

  • What is the goal behind the campaign?

  • What are you trying to get your audience to do?

  • What is your plan for your business and how can emails allow you to reach those goals?

Simply asking what is an effective email campaign is crazy because how are we defining the word “effective”?

Even if your KPIs look good, that’s only half the story, you might consider looking beyond the numbers and looking at reasons why the email performed in such a way! 


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