October 28


Does This Happen?

Does this happen to you with your friends and family?

Trying to explain what I do, my job, and how I service clients, is so hard to do! I work from home, I don’t work more than 25 hours a week (sometimes 30 hours, but mostly I stay within the 25-hour mark), and I get paid for doing what I love, email marketing. 

But when it comes down to this, it’s hard to describe to others. When I try to explain it to my father-in-law, for example, he says, “Oh, you’re the one who sends spam to my inbox! LOL! I explain and say, “NO!!! That’s what others like to do, but it doesn’t work, I focus on connection, offering advice, and being transparent with the audience. It’s not about sending emails without offering anything, it’s about being of service and always answering, what’s in it for them?”

Even though we’ve gone over this a million times, they still don’t get it, but they’re happy because they see that I’m involved in my kids’ lives and they see that I’m making good money. 

But, it’s always a battle, kind of “joking” to explain that my office is the corner of the kids’ playroom, that I go on a run when I have a 20-minute break in my day, and that I still WANT to work when we go away on vacation. 

I think what we all want is freedom, but the freedom to do what makes sense for you! Freedom for me is not necessarily defined by money, but it’s defined by being available when my kids get home from school. 

So, maybe this resonates with you, I’d love to know if your family understands you or if you run into a similar situation… Feel free to send me a message. I’m always looking forward to connecting with other entrepreneurs! 


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