October 31


Do You Look Forward To Monday?

I always said that I didn’t want to work in a place or a career where I was not going to enjoy my work. I wanted to make sure that I LOVED what I was going to do…  The problem was, I had NO idea what I liked. 

In fact, when people asked me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always hated that question. I had NO idea! I would freeze. 

In fact, someone asked me recently, “what if you’re not in this line of work, what would you do instead?” I had the same reaction as my 10-year-old self…

A soccer player? That seems to be the right answer… Then, they never ask another question… It’s an innocent answer for someone who played soccer her whole life…

So, how did I find my passion and how do I ALWAYS look forward to Monday?

By trying different things, speaking to people in different industries, and not letting people’s thoughts interfere with what I truly liked. 

The truth is that by working with so many different people, I get to be part of different teams and I get to see different industries, that’s the best part. 

It’s not just email marketing, it’s also web design, managing teams, blog posting, sales calls, social media, and more! Finding so many different components of digital marketing and loving each and every one of them! 

What’s the best advice I can give you?

Find your passion and let that dictate the path that will move you forward. Take each and every step as a lesson and know that they’re stepping stones for what’s coming up next! Nothing will last forever, but the lessons will stay with you for a long time. Experience, trial and error, but most of all, LIFE will show you the way to find what you love!

Hold on to the opportunities that life presents to you and you’ll find your “zone of genius”... Have fun finding it!


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