January 16


Communication and Setting Expectations

One of the worst parts of freelancing is when a client is not happy with our services. It’s like a punch to the gut and you’re left to bleed in silence… Ok, maybe not as dramatic, but it’s such a harsh blow… 

Thankfully, I haven’t had much of that, but one of my clients hires other contractors and we’ve had certain experiences where the service provider didn’t fulfill the expectations….

That’s why it’s so important to set the ground rules before starting to work together. Use these as a guide so that you’re clear with your clients or you’re clear with your service provider:

  • Results: What kind of results are we expecting to gain? Talk about numbers. In my case, I talk about how many automations or how many emails are included in the package. 

  • Clarity: Be clear as to what the task involves - Go through the checklist and include the labor that will go into it. In my case, I talk about how I install everything for the client in their Email Service Provider, that way they know exactly what they are getting. If I’m not clear from the beginning, then this is an invitation for disaster…

  • Contract: Create a contract - This is so key because not only it makes you look professional, and it also allows you to have a backup if anything goes wrong.

  • Promises: Don’t promise something you can’t deliver - Don't tell me that in 3 months my list will be engaged if that is something you cannot control. Don’t tell me my site will rank #1 in Google if that’s something that you cannot control. Does that make sense? 

The point is to always be honest, but just because the client wants to see results, it does not mean that you promise something that you cannot deliver. Be smart! Tell the client about the “typical results” of what you’ve been able to accomplish, but don’t over-promise something that you simply cannot control…

By setting clear expectations, you can anticipate problems and you can set a path of success! 

Hope this helps!


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