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About Your PERSONALIZED Review

This is a great way to get a PERSONALIZED review.

This means that I totally take care of the most important items that you need to focus on, based on your strategic type.

I’m also including a one-to-one call so we can talk about your next steps in getting your website as optimized as possible.

This Website Review will help you so much in your optimization and you won't need to re-create pages.

This Website Review will help you so much in your optimization and you won't need to re-create pages. There are SIMPLE things that you can be doing right now to have an awesome, optimized site...  

What Website Strategy Is Right For You?

Position Your Brand

Based on your ideal "Website Strategy", show your brand effectively 

Based on Results

Design YOUR strategy based on your results and your conversion parameters

Form a Customer Journey

Take your visitors and customers on a "ride" on your website

Establish Credibility

Building relationships and showing what you have to offer in a strategic way

What Do We Cover?

  • How can we improve your online visibility?
  • How to improve your CTAs?
  • Where to place your CTAs?
  • How to improve your user's experience?
  • How to improve your SEO?
  • What keywords should you focus on?
  • What is your content creation?
  • What content creation to focus on? 
  • How are your menu pages situated?
  • How to integrate funnels in your website?
  • How to improve your offers?
  • How to make simple changes that will improve your revenue?


Get instant access to implement your Website Strategy

Let's go over your website strategy on a personalized website review. 

You can get easily confused and overwhelm from all the different advice that everyone is so eager to give, let's focus on what matters, YOUR RESULTS...

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1 Simple Change to...

Boost Your Website's Conversion Rate

What our customers are saying:

"I've received an increase in business"

I recently employed Miri Lenoff to create a web site for my company and I couldn't be happier . She introduced high level technology that I could understand .

Miri is very detailed oriented and makes sure everything runs smoothly .

As a result... I've received an increase in business

CYD COOPER  //  Yellow Ball Sports

"Miri took this job with professionalism and class"

Miri is the best! I recommend her to everyone! Miri took on this job with professionalism and class! Miri is a God sent! She is AMAZING!

KENIA WASHINGTON  //  Dora Catherine's

"We love working with Miri, she takes pride in her work"

We love working with Miri, she takes pride in her work and does everything that the project entails. She's helped with so many aspects of our business and we continue to give her projects to continue to grow and improve.


You DON'T Need To Be...

There are some common misconceptions about people who want to have their own WordPress converting website...

1. I'm NOT Techie  - That's great! You DO NOT have to be techie, as long you know how to move a computer mouse and open up a program, you're good!

2. Takes too much time - In the beginning, maybe. But once you know what you need to look out for, it's there forever

3. How do I know if it is good enough? - You test! You need to know WHAT to test and HOW to test. Luckily, there are some amazing tools that let you do just that!

You Are NOT Alone...

You find that there is an overwhelming complexity of all different possibilities and actual lack of understanding of what you actually need...

Or maybe, you might start to feel stupid when you're not able to make something work that other people seem to do so easily...

Or maybe you're trying to make your site simple and not overflowing and you're just not sure...

Or how to choose the design and make sure that it converts?

Let's get to work with easy steps and ways to make your Website Strategy work!

What is My Next Step?

Below I describe each step in detail. It is very simple and it will give you a great overview of what you can expect when we move to the next ste.

  1. 1
    Click on the link below where you will be redirected to place your order for your Website Review. Simply click on CONTINUE so you can place your order and the link will redirect you to the shopping cart.
  2. 2
    Book an appointment so we can meet over Zoom and go over your website in detail. Make sure you mark your calendar as I will do the same and will be looking forward to seeing you
  3. 3
    Give me your website information as I need to do my homework and visit your website to give you detail information when we meet. You also get a document that explains everything after our call, so you can focus on the call and not on taking notes
  4. 4
    Show up to our meeting so we can touch on the details that can improve your Website Strategy and come up with tangible and practical steps for you to take
  5. 5
    Implement the changes and find the best way to make sure that we follow your ideal and best Website Strategy.
  6. 6
    Click here to get started

MIRI LENOFF  M.S //  Marketing Strategist

So it can be midnight on any given night, and I could still be on the computer optimizing, editing and creating websites. What is it about me that absolutely loves creating, helping people, connecting people to their audience?

I’m not sure, all I know is that the world stops for a bit, I’m in my zone, kids are sleeping, and it is the time for “ME” to just create and do.

Or when it's any weekday and the kids are at school and it's time to get creative. I absolutely love this! I look forward to being on the computer and just be me...

There is an awesome feeling of accomplishment when something gets done, an awesome feeling of relief when someone I'm mentoring says, "I did it! It wasn’t that hard." When I’m working one-on-one with someone and they realized that their vision has become a reality…

I’m Miri Lenoff… I love to figure things out. My lessons and my experience comes from my journey of implementation and experimenting with different things, different websites in many different niches like education, sports, personal development, videography, jewelry and accessories, and more! My experience is about learning from the best in the industry and testing and finding what works. My destination is still being written and will continue to be written for a long time (I hope)...

So if you need help, I'm here. Let's merge our journeys together :) All my best!

Miri Lenoff

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if this is a waste of time? I don’t have the time to spend on fixing my site with everything else going on… 

I just don’t know if my website is good enough?

 How does this Review/Planning Session work exactly?

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How am I going to make the edits (to optimize) if really don’t know how to do that?

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