August 30


Celebrating Your Wins

Do you celebrate your wins? Or are you the kind of person who is so hard on yourself and doesn't really like to celebrate the little moments? 

I was once like that, but I've discovered that if I don't acknowledge the little victories, then what is the point of life? And isn't it amazing when you have someone to share that with?? 

Look, especially when you have an email list, celebrating your wins is a great way to share with your audience what you're up to, and a great way to say thank you for their support!! 

When you're building a community,  you want to celebrate those moments because it raises your community's sense of being part of something awesome. 

People always want to be involved in a winner's circle, so celebrate your wins along the way! It also keeps you motivated throughout the process while giving your audience something to look forward to.

It can be as simple as sharing screenshots in an email or sending a video about what happened. 

People love stories! Be a story and document the next steps. If you did something specific that helped you get there, share that too!!

Sharing your wins also keeps you in a positive state of mind and allows you to look at opportunities because you have a  track record of success. I think that's very important for any business or brand because it sets you up to succeed in the future.

I'd love to know, what's one win that you'd like to share today?


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