June 28


Being Prepared

What is the one thing that you can control in every situation? The one thing that allows you to bet for yourself against anything else? Preparation is the secret to so many things! 

It might seem silly, but to me, it comes down to being prepared…

Again – Preparation is the secret to so many things! 

  • Speaking engagement? Prepare and you’ll feel more confident! 
  • Delivering a course? Prepare and you’ll nail it!
  • Sending an email? Prepare and deliver awesome content!
  • Taking a test? Prepare and study as much as you can and you’ll ace it!

Heck! This applies to having a family and kids… When you have dinner ready and you’re prepared it’s the best feeling in the world! You feel in control, you feel confident, you know that you delivered and your spouse is happy 🙂 

It all came from being prepared for whatever situation is in front of you and you can succeed if you prepare.

What if it doesn’t?

What if… 

Let’s say, if things fall apart, even after you’ve put yourself on the line and you’ve done everything you can to prepare, then that’s ok! That means you’ve done everything in your power to succeed. That’s all you can do! 

But, I would take my chances and prepare as much as I can to achieve my goal. It beats the alternative and it beats the odds, don’t you think? 

Let me know in the comments if you agree. Feel free to expand as well!


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