June 23


Being Kind to Yourself

My coach told me, you have to just be kind to yourself… But what does that mean?

  • Is it being too hard on myself and expecting more of what I can do?
  • Is it giving me an opportunity to open up to let go of expectations?
  • Is it accepting the situation that I’m in right now, doing everything I can to control it?
  • Is it knowing that I need to love myself and being hard on myself is not going to take me anywhere?

I’m not sure to tell you the truth, but I’ve learned to NOT be so hard on myself and to let my life guide me. 

being kind to yourself

Say for example I didn’t get all of my tasks done this week and life just got in the way. You know what, that’s ok! Did I do everything I can to get it done and other situations came up? It happens, let it go and move on… Again – You have to just be kind to yourself.

The one thing that you can do is to learn from things like this… Prepare more, accept things more, enjoy it more, do things with love. You have to just be kind to yourself…

Nobody is perfect, but everybody can learn from your experiences, even if they’re not mistakes.

Because you’re just experiencing moments that allow you to improve. And life is a rollercoaster with tons of ups and downs, so get to enjoy it, learn, and make it fun!

Be kind to yourself and know that the most important priority is you and your wellbeing. Be kind to yourself so you can exemplify this to others – clients, students, or anyone… 

You’ll see a change in your mindset when you start to love yourself and to be kind to the most important person in the world, YOU! 


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