August 16


Are You Clear On Your Growth?

Are you following the growth that you’re meant to follow? 

I have a client who needed help scaling, but she wasn’t sure about the BEST way to go about it. She’s not looking to have hundreds of clients, she’s just looking to work with certain individuals that fit a specific demographic, so why does she need thousands of leads?

The problem? She didn’t have that clarity from the very beginning… Her programs are mostly small groups and one-to-one, she loves having an intimate sessions with her clients, so scaling to hundreds and thousands of leads didn’t make much sense. 

She’s also just one person and just started to transition from her traditional brick and mortar, to the online world…

For her, she’s decided that it’s best to continue to offer referrals, continue to network and engage on social media outliers and continue to grow without spending money on paid advertising. 

There are so many ways to grow, but sticking to just one way consistently will get the results that we all want. 

It doesn’t help to try all of the different avenues to see what’s going to stick… 

Consistency and just following YOUR growth is what makes sense for your situation. 

It’s crazy, but this reminds me of how so many of us take someone else’s word and experience and we try to apply it to ourselves. They have different experiences, different knowledge, environments, and so many different things that don’t apply to us. I’m all for learning and finding different ways to grow, but just because something works for someone it doesn’t mean that it will work for you as well. 

So how do you know what’s going to work for you?

By looking at what you’re already doing, finding what is already working, finding the goals and understanding of where you want to go and evaluating if you’re willing to spend time or money (or both) to get to what you want! 

You got this and you can do this!


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