July 19


Always Working On Yourself

I’ve been “lazy” for the last few weeks… Not intentionally, but being “lazy” with myself.

And I am not referring to sitting down on the couch and watching Netflix all-day, that sounds great, but it’s a different kind of “lazy”.

I’m talking about letting life pass by at a million miles per hour and not evolving… Let me explain…

When it comes to digital marketing and even email marketing, there are so many different elements that are changing all the time. It's so easy to just focus on the comfortable, everyday tasks and not continue to evolve, continue to discover what are the new strategies, the new data that you gather…

When I’m lazy, it’s not physical, but mental. And more specifically, mentally when it comes to continuing to learn and of course, implement. 

Because you can always gain knowledge, especially at a time where information is free or very cheap. All you have to do is Google things, go on YouTube, or read a book. 

But the key is in continuing to work on yourself on whatever level is important to you. It can be personal development,  it can be exercise, it can be on your profession or anything where you want to improve.

Let this be a reminder that you can always work on yourself.  And if you're “lazy” like me, it's okay… Just pick yourself back up, analyze the situation and start over.  

You got this! 


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