January 13


AI and The Best Way To Use It

There has been a lot of talk about AI and how this is going to accelerate content. I agree with so much of what’s been said, but we often overlook key items…

  • GUIDANCE: There has to be someone guiding AI to give you great output. We’re not at the stage where we can ask AI to write a 2,000-word post… We still need to guide it in the right way in order to get an output.
  • REVIEW: Most of the time, the output that we get is a rough draft, there has to be someone who is reviewing and revising the content, so humans are still needed.
  • WHAT’S NEEDED: AI doesn’t know what you need, so you need to ask for information. It doesn’t scan your business to know what types of content we need.
  • IT’S NOT NEW! This is NOT new! Jasper has been around for more than a year and it’s getting smarter every day… It’s just that now this is available to more people with ChatGPT.
  • CONVERSIONS AND TESTING: AI is going to accelerate content creation, but there are principles in place that stay the same and even AI can’t predict outcomes - CTR, open rates on emails, and overall conversions. It can help write quality content (with the writer’s guidance), but in the end, you still have to test content and see what works…

So, what’s the best way to use AI? Use it as a tool, just like you use Grammarly, WordTune, or any other tool out there. It makes mistakes, it’s not a one-and-done deal… You’ll still get some errors and information that doesn’t make sense, so always review. 

How can you stand out among the rest? PERSONALIZE content. People still want to see your face on video, people want to feel that they have a connection with you and your brand. AI can’t write a post about the most meaningful moment of your existence, only YOU can! This is how you can stand out from the rest. 

Another way is by being transparent with your content. Getting specific is something that AI cannot do because they’re not inside your business. Share stories, and features of what you sell, and be transparent (now more than ever) about your products and services.

Remember, AI doesn’t understand the current world of 2023, it’s still living in the past, so bring the present into your content! And PERSONALIZE it!

So, what’s next for AI?? In my opinion, AI is here to stay and evolve. We’re facing a new era of unprecedented content and it’s going to be harder to stand out among others, but there are principles that stay the same. 

When I use AI software, I’m able to produce content in about half the time! That means that I have more time to work with other clients and produce more content. But that doesn’t mean that it’s replacing the human aspect. 

Look, these tools are so powerful and they’re going to get even better! The best way to jump on the bandwagon is to try it out and see how amazing this is. 

I’m not sure if we’re at the stage when copywriters will no longer be needed, but I’m glad I’m more than just a copywriter because this is a true game-changer!


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