May 26


10 Reasons Why YOU Need a Website

In an age of social media where content is easy to share and follow, why do you need a website about yourself? You have LinkedIn to show your business or your job qualifications as a professional network, you have Instagram for pictures or cool videos, Facebook for groups and personal things, etc. There are so many social media channels nowadays for many things…

I’m not even talking about why businesses should have websites. I mean, we live in 2020 and most businesses already have websites, it’s where people go to find out more about them, create trust, list their products and services, etc.

But I’m talking about normal people who might not have a business. Why can’t YOU have a website?

So, why is it important to have a website when you have all of these other things out there???

  1. You don’t own the content…
    Even if you’re sharing information about yourself, you DON’T OWN the content, the social media where you are being active owns the content. Take for example what would happen if Facebook decides to “retire” and erases its own platform. What do you do then? You shared your own content and your personal information, but you don’t get to keep it.

    That’s how you know if something is yours or not. If you pay for a service, then yes, it is yours, but in this case you are not paying for anything, you are just helping any social media to drive content for free. And even if you pay for a service, the service has an expiration date, so you constantly have to renew it to keep it your own…
  2. You have a voice that needs to be heard
    Even if you’re on social media sharing information about yourself or what you do, you like to let people know about "XYZ" that is personal to you. So, why not have a website where you actually get to show the world what you have to say... You can have videos, podcasts, blogs, quotes, anything – you’re just letting yourself have a voice.
  3. Your best representation of yourself is the one where you can control the variables
    Social media is built into your profiles. You can choose what to say, but not necessarily the way in which you say it. When you have a website you can have everything in one. Your own design, which is like your own brand of who you are, your own content in a way that represents you, your own way of speaking. You show your true self, in colors and images that are truly you!

    Think about how Facebook keeps everything branded – the font, the color, the way your posts look… When you have a website, YOU get to decide EVERYTHING!
  4. Because you can make money
    Many bloggers start out because they love to write and all of a sudden they find that they have an audience who likes to buy their information and their stories. Some even become writers selling books. I’m not saying that every website out there is making money, not at all! But you bet you have the potential to make some type of financial gain if you have a website where you can store all your content and your content is authentic and desirable.
    At least you have the ability to make money by building an audience, sales funnels, building a community in a place that you own, selling affiliate products, and more! Rather than not having a website at all and not knowing where to start if you want to make extra cash.. or depending on social media channels.
  5. Because the world needs your special talent or skill
    Can you imagine what the world would look like if everyone shared his or her talent with the world? What kind of amazing world would we have? Whatever you’re good at, let’s see it! Even if you use your website to show your skills and then share the link on your social media pages, you can still own the content and invite people to see it on your own website. 
  6. Because it’s a great way to connect with people
    Social media is awesome for connections, but when you have a website, you can create a great community of people who think like you and love what you are doing, people OTHER than your friends. It becomes more personal to have a conversation on your blog than on social media…
  7. Because having a website can be appealing to employers
    When I worked for a non-profit, we were looking for an Assistant Director to my Department… When I received a website about someone who wanted the job, it was impressive. She showed her resume as part of her website. It showed creativity, ingenuity, new ideas.. all of those things were so important for her future job… It made her stand out from the rest.
  8. You don’t need to worry about algorithm changes
    If you remember a few years ago, Pages on Facebook where all over your social feed. All of a sudden, Facebook changed its algorithm and those pages with millions of followers are rarely seen on Newsfeeds. When you depend on social media, you depend on algorithm changes. Nowadays, Facebook likes to share feeds and posts that happen inside Groups, but that can change in a second!
  9. Because it is an easier way to highlight your content and keep things fresh
    When you post something to social media it stays on your feed or in your posts, but then it gets buried. With a website you can always leave the most important things at the top, your suggested blog posts that mean the most to you or even videos or podcasts. You get to decide what to keep and what to keep burying.
  10. Because having your own website about what you do or who you are sets you apart
    Not only when you’re looking for a new job, but just in general. Having your own website, blog, content about your talents, skills or things you want to share “raises eyebrows” and gets you respect from others. Not to say that that should be the most important factor, but how cool is it when someone shares with you their website, aren’t you impressed, you give that person props for taking the time to build a website.

So this brings me to my next point… It can be SO EASY to have your own website. You don’t even need any technical skills to make it happen. Click here to join me! And by the way, this is not a website that you can create in 2 minutes with a simple website provider… This is a WordPress, professional website. Website providers are great, but lack in many things that you can get with WordPress – for a FRACTION of the price!

So let's get you your website.. Click here!


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